Dear Families,

         We have made the decision as a third grade math team to send homework that will benefit the development of each student. Your child will not receive a packet of homework to complete weekly.

We expect our classes to give us 100% effort when they are with us here at school.  If your child does not keep up with the work we are doing in the classroom, we will send home unfinished work to be completed at home that night so they will be prepared for the following day.  If and when we see a need, we will send home extra practice to reinforce and build on what we are doing at school.

Your student will also be asked to build and maintain fact fluency, because students who have automatic recall of their facts are better able to comprehend new ideas when their focus is not on fact recall.

We will provide a Homework Menu during each unit to offer extensions, math websites, activities, and games to reinforce skills. As the year progresses, you may see more problem solving review making its way home.
We are excited to try this new approach and would welcome your suggestions for alternative activities and/or math sites.  

The Third Grade Math Team

**Homework menu will be sent home soon

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